Corporate Spaces

Leisure Spaces


  • Typical shop aspect ratios of 1:3 – 1:4
  • Large column grid spacing for optimal space utilization
  • Increased ceiling height for enhanced natural light
  • Great frontages and signage opportunities leading to enhanced visibility
  • Vibrant mix of high street retail and enclosed mall environment
  • Road level interactive retail and leisure spaces
  • Global food village with at least 35-40 fine dining restaurants / bars / pubs / clubs
  • Open areas for cultural events
  • Buzzing retail areas with regular events / festivals managed by leading event management companies for best in class events, long duration festivals, cultural events, etc.
  • High tech auditorium for performing arts, corporate launches / events, film screenings and festivities
  • High end specification in the common areas
  • Loyalty Programme for frequent shoppers


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