Leisure Spaces

The perfect space. The perfect showcase.

When you are having one of the world's most premium products, can the showcase being offered be any less exquisite? Retail spaces well zoned to maximise footfalls, tailor-made for each retail segment, this is the perfect showcase for world's leading brands, an unmatched business opportunity, the ultimate retail destination for the new world-Worldmark.

  • 0.7 million sq.ft. of high end retail space
  • 150,000 sq. ft. of Delhi's biggest food village
  • 36 million potential customers p.a who travel to the Delhi Airport
  • 30,000 additional clientele estimated among employees of Aerocity
  • 2.8 million residents of affluent localities of South & South West Delhi
  • Well Zoned Retail including World class F&B, Iconic and experiential stores, Luxury brands, Indian Ethnic stores, Theatre/Auditorium, etc
  • Well demarcated spaces for art exhibitions
  • Well zoned retail leading to higher conversion rate
  • Multi level, automated parking for approximately 3000 cars
  • Great frontage and signage opportunities leading to enhanced visibility
  • Vibrant mix of high street retail and enclosed mall environment
  • Road level interactive retail and leisure spaces
  • Buzzing retail areas with regular events/festivals managed by leading event management companies for best in class events, long duration festivals, cultural events, etc
  • Interactive & Immersive technology like Sound Poles, Colonnade Soffit, etc.
  • Excellent 3 tier security measures
  • Wi-fi zones
  • Handicapped friendly building
  • Valet parking
  • High-end specification in the common areas
  • India's only retail space with LEED Platinum rating
Gross Leasable Leisure Area (approx)    
Worldmark 01 3,41,243 sq. ft.
Worldmark 02 1,94,202 sq. ft.
Worldmark 03 1,62,299 sq. ft.


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