The Mark of a Green Commitment

Many Eco Friendly Measures.
One Objective: Saving the Earth.

What is the mark of a truly world class facility today? The commitment to complement the best technology, design and planning with a deep concern for the future. Which is exactly what Worldmark does. With earth friendly design, meticulous planning, and smart use of technology and low-consumption materials, Worldmark will ensure that it minimises its own carbon footprint. And of course, yours.

  • LEED Platinum rating
  • Proposed to be India’s only Platinum rated retail facility
  • Reduction of waste, pollution and environmental degradation
  • Energy consumption reduced by at least 15%
  • Increased fresh air ventilation by 30%
  • Very low VOC (Volatile organic compound), paints and adhesives
  • Minimal breakdowns due to enhanced commissioning of equipment
  • Planned water harvesting and recycling
  • Cleaner business and retail environment


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