The Mark of Technological Edge

Building with Intelligence.
Intelligence Built In.

Worldmark does more than fulfi l the needs of its elite retail and corporate clientele. Much more, in fact. Because Worldmark is the fi rst development in India, and certainly one of the select few in the world that integrates technological intelligence into the buildings. Offering clients the power of exceptional connectivity and the pleasure of inhabiting an immersive interactive, computer-created ‘world’ which incorporates site specifi c lighting and sound installations, responsive/sensor technologies, and informational content that enhance the spatial and behavioural experience of being at Worldmark.

Clients will belong to a virtual community whose members connect with each other using handheld technological devices. e.g. as a user group for a club of tenants. Privileged and Priority membership will grant different levels of access to information, on-site amenities including promotions, festivals, etc. These location-specifi c wireless technologies will also allow users to view conferences remotely, adjust environmental controls and way-fi nd on campus/building. In addition, Personalised Response systems will be set in place for the convenience of clients. Intelligence beyond expectations indeed.

  • Integrated energy management, fire protection, security and surveillance systems
  • Sophisticated under vehicle scanning system
  • Automatic vehicle identification (AVI), vehicle message signs (VMS)
  • Automated traffic lights
  • PIR sensors
  • LED matrix display to show filled/vacant parking slots
  • Video motion detection
  • RFID active transponders- compact tags
  • Long range interrogators- transit readers
  • Additional smart card reader in absence of compact tags
  • Explosive detection system
  • Tire busters bollards
  • Power fencing
  • Building Management Systems monitorable and controllable from remote location
  • Fluorescent lamp matrix
  • Interactive mood wall
  • New media digital art works that enhance the aesthetic experience
  • Best in class facility management
  • Intelligent video concierge system
  • Virtual community and personalised responses via email
  • Wi-fi connectivity enables virtual offices
  • Automated visitor’s management systems
  • Virtual community
  • Search contacts and share data
  • Loyalty programme for shoppers
  • Guest relation programme
  • Directional navigation tools
  • Digital events calendar
  • Data mining of shoppers
  • Maintenance Reports
  • FAQs / Help
  • Colonnade Shift
  • Access control mechanism at fire exits with panic bar alarm system
  • Wi-Fi enabled development
  • 100% guarantee on power grid, roads and traffic managed maintained by Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL)


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