The Mark of Design Excellence

1.5 Million Square Feet.
Exquisitely Designed, by the Inch.

What does it take to create an amazingly efficient, beautiful and welcoming meeting point of business and leisure, power and play, beauty and environmental responsibility? Courage, imagination, technology and a whole lot of commitment from some of the most respected, most awarded names in the business. Conceived of as a unique trinity of towers, Worldmark comes together with the power of three: A stunning external presence, immaculately planned interiors and well-thought out interlinking spaces. Complementing maximised efficiency of built up space with generous expanses of beautifully landscaped and designed as pedestrian-only zones. Combining flexible internal spaces awash with natural light with technology that is immersed at all levels. Creating three towers of well-demarcated, well-zoned spaces for corporate use, high end retail, food and entertainment to offer a vibrant and self-sufficient environment for the most demanding clientele. Using creativity and commitment to be proposed Platinum LEED rated development. Every aspect, designed to perfection.


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